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Natural skin care

Radiate your skin with natural and quality  ingredients

Looking for skincare products that work?

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Home grown products

  Sheaofchel uses vegan-based products with our very own homegrown ingredients such as mint, and more. If you want skin care products that are made with quality ingredients, look no further. 

Special Oil blends

Our special oil blends primarily consist of vegan and organic-based essential oils. Used to maximize moisture and to provide your skin with the essential vitamins and protection it needs. 

Sheaofchel Top Picks

 These items are constantly in our customers cart and requested more than any other product. See what the buzz is about and purchase one or all of the Sheaofchel top picks. 

New Arrivals

Sheaofchel Packages

 Each package is designed to please your skin in every way possible. Pick up one of these Sheaofchel custom packages and treat your skin to what it's been missing. 

Sheaofchel Hair Products

Hair products that are ideal for care and nourishment. Our products are designed from vegan based and natural products for a reason and that's for you to find out when you purchase one of our hair products. 

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